Psychic Development

I believe we are all intuitive/psychic.  I believe this ability is part of our hard wired survival insticts, a normal human behavior…you know, you walk into a group of people that you don’t know and your senses are heightened, your hearing keener, you vision better and you are ready for anything.    You may have an instict, is this a safe situation, do I need to defend myself, etc.  This instinct, first impression, people use everyday.  Sometimes you walk into an environment, indoors and outdoors, and have a feeling about the space, it has bad energy, good energy, etc.

It has been proven to me, through my own experience, that your intuition can be developed.  You just have to have a desire to do so.  Your intuition is like a muscle, if you exercise it with consistancy it will develop.  And like all things in life worth learning you have to be willing to risk making mistakes.  I always tell everyone I have taught to approach this like a child, be playful and expectant.  From a place of play and expectation with practice you can really advance quickly.

I encourage everyone to play with this.  I believe this will be one experience that will change how you see the world!

May your exploration be fruitful, may you find out another layer of your experience and may this experience improve your life and the lives of those around you.

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